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The Hole

I began this journey, really, while laying face up after taking on a Buick face first on Jan 31, 2011. A lady came to my semi unconscious self, grabbed me stiffly by the back of the teicep(arm) and said, "lets get you out of the road!" I quickly came to my senses, being only three steps from the curb that she sat me down on. I then waited on the ambulance as she said,"I have to leave". I begged her to stay, because i could only see a sliver at the bottom of my foggy/bloody clear glasses. She left! I asked the witness who saw the entire crash a few days later when I could finally talk about the lady that helped me of the street. He said....."there was no lady!" So from that moment on and especially the morning I received the news of cyclist Paul Taylor, I've not hesitated to simply act on a soul that gets twisted every time I get news of another fallen friend, no matter where it is. I've been from California to Tennessee to Florida to Alabama to South Carolina and everywhere in between. Asking no one's permission, I just act from my heart and soul, because our society still hasn't done much to stop these senseless killings on our streets! I usually just show up, place a final ride for a friend and get ready for another sad day to come. After 80+ ghost bikes, I know more families of fallen friends and have dealt with more laws then most could fathom, but ask....i just act from my heart and soul. Be safe all, maybe I care more than you think?

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