They Scream! Are you Listening?

What would your loved one be saying if they didn’t come home from work? School? Practice? Get together? Or just a friends house? Oh yea, you were expecting them to arrive on ....a bicycle! One of the oldest forms of transportation and fairly cheap way to get around I might add! I placed a fallen friend a final ride last night and I wept as I approached the area where he was left for nearly an hour before one of three adults finally called the ambulance!! WHAT WOULD YOU BE SCREAMING NOW?? To put it simply, there is nothing anyone can do to make this tragedy good ever again!! When the correct thing to do is missed and the notion of trying to get away without doing the correct thing enters the scene, the penalties HAVE TO BE GREATLY INCREASED!! NO MATTER WHO IS BEING CHARGED!! I pray for all our fallen friends and their families for the duration of their living days because the sentence the perpetrator gets is nothing to the life sentence the families are given by their careless acts!!! Join our mission of “Safer streets for all to use”. Let’s get bad drivers off the road and make it safe for everyone to use our roads!!! #NFOFF #ITSNOTABOUTME #SAFERROADS #JAYMEJEW #GONETOOSOON #HEAVENGAINEDANANGEL

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All I ask during these times is very little, and I promise to make change in honor of all our fallen friends!!! Here's what you can do! donate all yard signs from past political races to BFA, so that