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RIP David McCloy Fitzpatrick!

Getting another GB for our friend David McCloy Fitzpatrick. Prayers for his family and friends during this tragic time.

Hopefully a small token will be the sentence for the driver, which shouldn't have been driving!

Folks there has to be a way we can at least get drunk/impaired drivers off the road after their first offense....or before they keep going until they kill someone!! Here are what's being said as the charges as of this writing...

At the Jackson County Jail, Bowers was booked on charges of following too close, failure to leave sufficient distance for bicycle, leaving the scene of an accident with a death, driving under the influence (less safe), operating a vehicle with improperly transferred license plate, open container and first-degree homicide.

Our laws need/have be be harsher for first offenses, no other way aroound the problem!! Push your representative to get it done!!

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