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If you're new to indoor cycling/ZWIFT, BFA is here to help you get started.

From group meetups to joining scheduled rides with other groups, to gaining

XP points for achievement awards, to sweat drops that you can buy 

upgrades in the online shop, BFA is here to help you  get your questions 

answered or point you in a direction to get you rolling and keep you 


Two of the greatest reasons for indoor/Zwifting,

1) No crashes/hit by car!!!

2) No in-climate weather(even tho it does rain in Watopia!)

Download and chat while riding on Discord! Ask me for link in meetup!

Click HERE for Simple Zwift Setups!

Click HERE to learn about Zwift Companion App

Click Here for a List of Zwift Routes, mileage and elevation

Click HERE for tips on how to race on Zwift LIKE A PRO!

Looking for a Rocker Plate for your Trainer - Check with Max