Tired of Crap Treatment?

I'm sure many of the cycling community are now, with 2 fallen friends within 72 hours, hyped to get things going to create some change! Click the link below to see where BFA has been for the last 3 years! In honor/behalf of 20 ghost bikes I've built, around Ga, and about 63 friends names I ride with daily(on the back of the BFA kit) I've been tired of the way cyclists/pedestrians have been treated for over 4 years! IT IS TIME WE DEMAND CHANGE! I offered a petition awhile back and it was received...well...ok! Look at it , sign it, share it and let's make something happen..CLICK HERE

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Ran across an article while searching for fallen friends that is pretty spot on what I do!! Hope it answers a lot of questions about it... and thank you all for following and plz share to make our pla

All I ask during these times is very little, and I promise to make change in honor of all our fallen friends!!! Here's what you can do! donate all yard signs from past political races to BFA, so that