Loading the BFA Cannons!

People of Roswell are calling a cycling Forum on the 24th in Roswell! It's a start and I'm hoping the rest of the state is watching because BFA won't rest until our roads are safer in honor of our fallen friends!! ALL OF THEM! Well I hope they're ready and ready to sit down and listen. The one group no one wants to be a member of but the one group that has the most to say is getting their plan of attack organized for this meeting and plenty of carryover after! The one thing's that for sure is I don't have any salary interest so be careful when you ask to speak!

Lastly I saw a program tonight where a teacher has sex with an under aged student and she got sentenced to 8 years. WHAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE IS A PERSON CAN KILL SOMEONE ON A BICYCLE AND MAYBE GET 5 YEARS! Our system needs fixing, NOW! Make all people on any road accountable!

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