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Upon placing ghost bikes numbered 123 thru 129 recently, I am left pondering why would anyone not want a ghost bike placed for a fallen friend/family member? There are several reasons either way and I’m not the one to judge for sure. It might bring back memories that someone doesn’t want to be reminded of their absence, I understand. You want to create your own memorial, I understand. Let’s say there’s 15 ghost bikes each year in each state, thats 600 per year. Would one ghost bike draw enough attention alone, or would getting it with all the others have a greater voice for anyone that really wants to hear what they have to say? Again I understand either way but I WILL NEVER MAKE A DOLLAR FOR SPEAKING FOR THOSE THAT NO LONGER HAVE A VOICE, OR PLACING A GHOST BIKE FOR THEM! Many people think I am like every non profit around!! I am not!! I receive no wages for what I do and because of this I can and say what I know my families would say!!! One day I hope to speak to our elected officials about ways to make our streets safer in honor of our fallen friends, until then I’ll continue making and placing them in hopes of getting their voices heard. Being a near recipient of a ghost bike 13 years ago and hitting the bottom from this has taught me a lot and I build and place ghost bikes from my heart for safer streets for all to use!! So lastly I pray all the families find peace from this long journey we’re on, I understand it sadly pretty well. Have a great Memorial Day and thank you to all our service people of the military!!!

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