A New Year?

Yes it is by the calendar sense, but the year has been changed to protect innocent/guilty, in this era’s terminology! We love to think that throwing $$ at a problem solves it but history proves that until you change the way of thinking very little will actually change! As I look out my patio window I see that I’m busier then ever in my nearly 10 years since taking on a Buick head first on my bicycle! Politicians have changed, we’ve thrown down white painted lines for miles and miles, we’ve even in some cases built separate bike trails that are multi purpose, but the way of thinking when we use any of these and our current road system hasn’t changed much at all, and maybe with increased # of automobiles on the road our attitude/way of thinking has gotten worse!! It is this persons opinion that until we make speeders pay heavily for speeding, it, speed will be the #1 factor of why a slower crash becomes fatal! Why we allow people with multiple crashes to continue to drive is only STUPID!! Drivers that are allowed to have so many DUI’s that when they kill some innocent person we say it was an ACCIDENT!! Simply stupid!! We must begin this new year and grab our roads and it’s safety by the front bumper!! Try your best to only go 5 mph over the posted speed limit, when a sign says stop, STOP! Hopefully this can be the year of change, but remember to change your way of thinking so it can be!!!

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