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Can’t Stop Theo!!!!

I’ve been stunned at the outpouring of love and support from the Theo Moss circle of his family and friends since I drove to Florida to replace the Ghost Bike for Ray Wishart, and then went over to San Desetin to place another Ghost Bike for Theo Moss!! After talking to Theo’s mom last night, she informed me that the ghost bike was taken up on the Tuesday or Wednesday following me placing it on the Saturday before!! They have several phone numbers and are actively trying to find the whereabouts of it!! The land directly behind where Theo was tragically taken from us has been cleared for a new car wash and the owner of that business said he would make a place in the front on his property for the placement of Theo’s final ride home!! Mrs Moss promised to keep Bikefriendlyatl informed of the progress and a projected date of the replacement event!! I’ll be sure to be there for Theo and his family and build him a new bike if the original one isn’t located!!! #NFOFF #ITSNOTABOUTME

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