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I Won’t Forget Our Friends Like Shay!!!

I received a call from a friend of one of our fallen friends a few days ago in reference to his Ghost Bike was removed after several years!! After the chat was over I decided to write this post to help educate any/everyone that it can help!! I will work with any land owner to place a ghost bike where it will cause as little effort to allow it to remain there as possible!! I take into account cutting grass, making others using this property to get around it in a safe manner and any obstacle it might create by being there!!! With all factors considered a Ghost Bike is the final ride home for this rider and it RAISES AWARENESS THAT ALL USERES OF THE ROAD SHOULD USE THE ROAD & BE ABLE TO USE THE ROAD IN A SAFE MANNER AND ALLOW EVERYONE TO GET TO THEIR DESTINATION!! Unfortunately not only does the public not know the rules or laws of the road but many of our enforcing officers don't know them either so this memorial is a reminder that WE ALL need to be educated on the laws of the road!!! Lastly and most important I will never forget our fallen friends NEVER as I was nearly one in 2011 by a head on collision with a car while on my bike!! I was given a second chance and intend to stand for those who's voices are screaming to still get heard!!! If you get me started in a discussion about this please get your mind ready because my friends desires to be heard will become quite clear once I get going!!! Shay Swords ghost bike will get replaced at some point and BFA will post an event to do so as we work out the details on it soon!!! As you see from my back deck I'm getting several ready so stay tuned THEIR VOICES WILL GET HEARD!!! EVENT COMING SOON!!!

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