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It’s Effing time!! I make including t-shirts is an effort to raise funds to make a safer place for all road users!! I make not one dime, that's how committed I am to leaving this world better is my mission I was left here to complete!! No one owns the road so let's use it together safely!! #nfoff

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Accountability for guns going in right direction…

In the school shooting in Michigan about 2 years ago the mother has been found guilty of second degree manslaughter in the deaths of 4 students her son killed in a mass shooting at the school. I hope

Best painless Way to Help Get their voices Heard!!!

Hey all, Just a quick note on a easy, painless way to donate without directly just yanking money and making a budget taking amount out of your daily expenses!!! If you shop at your local Kroger and us

Another friend taken!!

Reports are coming in that a cyclist was taken in some manner on the Winter Bike League Atlanta Saturday morning 12/16/23. I will respect the family and friends wishes as usual and not post any detail

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