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Soon my friend!

Most people wake up and start the day with thoughts about family, friends, activities, etc. I’ve had these thoughts a lot as have most, for most of my life my mother engrained in me a larger sense of giving and compassion towards others! It has been nurtured even further by my wife, her mother and my daughters! This is the thought I wake up with now days, what can we do to make our roads safer for all to use! Honor the ones that are taken from us and get bad users/killers of the road!

Please like and share some of the posts you like with all your friends, tag Bikefriendlyatl so your friends can locate us too! subscribe to our blog posts and YouTube channel! let’s create and leave a safer world for our children! #NFOFF

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I'll begin getting this fallen friend a ghost bike for placement ASAP and create an event here and share on FB/Insta soon for those interested! I pray for the family and friends, and the investigation

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