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This Is BFA the Old School Way!!!!

I’m glad to see the truckers union rolling towards the Capital to show the Politicians that they will have to listen or this country will SHUT DOWN!!!! At Bikefriendlyatl we believe that getting our fallen friends and their families voices heard is the way of the future to make all our streets safer for ALL tho use!!! We simply hope that our followers will SHARE our posts that they believe in with their social media friends so that we can get enough of a following to MAKE the elected officials HAVE to answer the questions that should be getting asked!!! PLEASE LIKE/SHARE ANY/ALL POSTS YOU AGREE WITH AND ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME SO WE CAN MAKE ALL OUR STREETS SAFER FOR ALL TO USE!!!! Help all our fallen friends to know their loved one didn’t die in vain!!!! #NFOFF #ITSNOTABOUTME

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