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I'm sorry, I don't do this for notoriety, publicity or for any financial gain! First and foremost my soul makes me do it because so many of my fallen friends have been forgotten, I was also inches from being one myself and decided that never again would I leave a fallen friend to be forgotten without trying, and lastly after meeting and hearing from so many of my ghost bike families it's simply the right thing to do. If each of you would share a post or two once in a while maybe this mission would grow so that politicians would have to answer some of the questions or families of fallen friends have! Get your friends to like our FB page and Insta and let's see what the politicians have to say!

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This is a terrible thing!! As our elected officials find every loophole in our system to avoid the inevitable, which is to make drivers strictly adhere to the speed limits and laws while operating a k

I'll begin getting this fallen friend a ghost bike for placement ASAP and create an event here and share on FB/Insta soon for those interested! I pray for the family and friends, and the investigation

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