RIP My Friend, I'll Never Forget You!

Started off this day , as has become the norm, by meeting the 6AM group for a ride. But on all other days of the work week, the rest of the year, we meet at the Arch in front of Agnes Scott College, but today, April 30th we meet at the Ghost Bike Rack on the corner of Clairemont & Ponce in honor of our fallen friend Paul Taylor who lost his life 3 years ago today. I still work on, sadly, each ghost bike that is made by Bikefriendlyatl with the first hand knowledge of what each and every family/friend that loses a family member or friend goes through. To get a settlement/sum of money will never replace a human life, NEVER! We must work harder every day to get our streets safer for all people to use in harmony with each other. We must teach everyone that gets behind the drivers side of a motor vehicle, that treated with the disregard of anyone else's life, becomes a killing machine! Please understand this and drive with your full attention, all the time! RIP my friend Paul Taylor, I'll never forget you!

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