Memorial Ride for Jason Young!

I don't like seeing my friends on these kinds of rides, but if I/we can raise awareness and make our streets safer for everyone today and our kids tomorrow, then let's do it!! Don't wait for this to happen to someone you knew folks, get involved! My prayers for the Jason Young family and their friends. Please atttend the Decatur Ride of Silence on May 20 or a ROS somewhere! Thanks to Robert Wilhite and Pete Wicker for helping to organize this ride and Roswell Bicycles for hosting it.

File May 03, 2 01 53 PM.jpeg

File May 03, 2 01 27 PM.jpeg

File May 03, 2 00 17 PM.jpeg

File May 03, 1 59 51 PM.jpeg

File May 03, 1 59 25 PM.jpeg

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