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1 Reason Ga is 25th in....

Being bicycle friendly! Read the following article on a man that did the distracted driving move. CLICK HERE There's a 9 minue PSA in there too, that too much time for you to educate yourself then stop following!

Then guess how many distracted driving tickets Georgia has given out! As of late 2013 Ga had given out about 2000 tickets to Minn. giving out about 3200 just last year! I guess this means that there aren't as many drivers driving distracted!!! LOL Have you seen how many Ghost Bikes BFA has built this year! Until the laws that are already in place are enforced and distracted driving is fined severly on the first offense IT WILL CONTINUE TO KILL!

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This is a terrible thing!! As our elected officials find every loophole in our system to avoid the inevitable, which is to make drivers strictly adhere to the speed limits and laws while operating a k

I'll begin getting this fallen friend a ghost bike for placement ASAP and create an event here and share on FB/Insta soon for those interested! I pray for the family and friends, and the investigation

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