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I'm tired of hearing that if we build thousands of miles of bike paths that our society will treat cyclists like people should be treated! I'm tired of watching families losing a member and the perpetraitor literally 80% of the time gets no citation and 10% of the time they get little slap on the hand for 5 years or less-FOR KILLING SOMEONE! ANY FAMILY MEMBER OF A FALLEN FRIEND(CYCLIST) IN THE USA THAT WANTS TO GET ON THIS EMAIL LIST PLEASE EMAIL ME AT BIKEFRIENDLYATL AT GMAIL.COM! This will be a list with the highest regard for privacy and cross dialog for those that have/going through this tragic event. This is also the one group that politicians don't want to stand up, they'd rather sweep us under the carpet and get paid to build more paths and pay salaries! IT"S TIME TO BAND TOGETHER AND SPEAK UP! Who's IN?

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This is a terrible thing!! As our elected officials find every loophole in our system to avoid the inevitable, which is to make drivers strictly adhere to the speed limits and laws while operating a k

I'll begin getting this fallen friend a ghost bike for placement ASAP and create an event here and share on FB/Insta soon for those interested! I pray for the family and friends, and the investigation

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