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Remember & Ride On...(recap)

BFA was in attendance at the meeting last night in Roswell, Ga. After receiving an email invitation for BFA to try to get any of the famiies of fallen friends to attend, I accepted the invitation to do the best for BFA and our fallen friends. BFA responded with 3, thanks to Kim Guinn, Cathy Crist and Barbara Taylor for traveling along with myself and several other people over an hour or more in traffic and rain to GET THE JOB DONE! There were fallen friends remembered and some good suggestions given. The evening ended with a 2 minute silent rememberance of those friends that had been mentioned during the evening. I should have draped my jacket on the podium so at least 62 friends could be remembered, because most have been forgotten! I thank the City of Roswell, the ABC and Sorella cycling team for getting this meeting/forum together. Sad tho that so many people had more to do then come out and remember our fallen! Lastly, the speaker said at the end that there were already 5 fallen riders this year, correction...I built and placed 5 ghost bikes in 14 days at the beginning of May alone, just in an area within 90 minutes outside of the Atl! I just finished digging and found 12 cycling deaths in the state of Ga already this year!! It ain't getting better folks!!

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