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Really? Why Listen to the BFA Board?

I began this journey with one thing, a second chance, given by an angel, to make this place better! No money would be made, no fame to be gotten but simply make this place, road wise safer! No excuses! I've seen, unlike most, what about 15 hours, some paint, stencils and something my parents gave me... Caring heart does to those that have lost loved ones at the blink of an eye. It's the most hollow look that lasts a lifetime you'll ever see. I have a board that is made up of 3/4 fallen riders family or friends. Each and every time I ask of them they respond and I listen to them because.... They know! Why in the world would anyone ask their opinion on today's road problems? Everybody in government has the answers right? It's ok... We'll wait!

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I'll begin getting this fallen friend a ghost bike for placement ASAP and create an event here and share on FB/Insta soon for those interested! I pray for the family and friends, and the investigation

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