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Got a text msg last week from a long time follower of BFA. As with most of BFA's followers, they are at first questionable/skeptical about why and will this be worth it, but also why is this person doing this for someone they didn't even know. She said a person had seen a painting in Sante Fe, NM and thought it would be great for her. The person said she could do as she pleased with it, but said she thought of her when she saw the painting. I can fully understand both sides of the mental thought from both people. After the BFA follower left it on her counter for 2-3 weeks she came to grips with what she really wanted to do with the painting. She texted me and said she couldn't put it up in her house because it would remind her of her fallen loved one, and decided that she should give it to BFA. I'll gladly accept this awesome painting on behalf of all the fallen riders and as you see I've put it among some art work my daughter and other friends have given me over the years. This piece will motivate me to continue to work for safer streets for all as I have been for the past 6 years.

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