Think I’ve Been Watching???

Been riding around the east Atlanta area for the better part of 30 years and to tell you the truth it’s no worse or no better then anywhere else in the USA or for that matter MOST of the world. You can disagree all you want but I have followers form the UK and California and everywhere you can think of and the problem is really down to a simple logical way to use any/all roads! The bigger/faster mode of transportation must/should always yield to the slower mode! If you can’t do that then you’re driving too fast and our laws of the roads aren’t going to work. They’re in place to help us all be safe! But when we allow a simple “I didn’t see him/her” to be a viable excuse for maiming or killing a slower person then our rules or laws of the road can be thrown away!! To allow drivers of motor vehicles multiple chances to learn to drive or behave properly is simply asking for more road deaths! Why do we allow for so many deaths on our roads is the real question! I’m personally tired of seeing not only pedestrians and cyclists dying but loved ones that you think are safe in a car don’t make it home either! We must stop our politicians and make them listen!! Let’s get BFA up to around 30,000 followers and watch every politician have to answer to the voices of our fallen friends!! FOLLOW BIKEFRIENDLYATL ON FB AND INSTA AND LETS GET THEIR VOICES HEARD!! #NFOFF #ITSNOTABOUTME #ROADSAFETY #JAYMEJEW

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